Thursday, January 23, 2014

Turning My Closet into My Personal Boutique! Part One

Looking for a new style? Don't know what to wear to your next big event?
Look no further you can Do more with less and shop your closet!

Lets start by style organizing our wardrobe. Let's make our closets our very own "Boutique." Every item in our closet needs to be evaluated and streamlined to reflect our style goals. Items that don't make the cut must be donated to our favorite charity.
Step One: Sorting our STUFF "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"
                 The Good - These are modest clothes, shoes, accessories, and jewelry that fit us well and compliment us according to our body-type, skin-tone and above all our godly character. These also must coordinate with each other, so we will need less STUFF.
                 The Bad - These are items that do not fit, "if we lose weight clothes", clutter our "Boutique" there is no space allocated for such STUFF.
                 The Ugly - Honey, if we haven't worn it in the past three years...IT MUST BE UGLY!!

To save time and money: Let us commit in finding/keeping modest clothing and makeup that looks great on us in less time. We will actually wear it. Buy clothing, makeup, shoes, belts, and bags that all coordinate, so we will need less. This makes getting dressed more efficient.

Step Two: Foundations of Beauty "Top 50 Must-Have Staples"        Make a checklist of our "Must Haves" and organize into closet.
1. Pull Over V-neck Sweater
2. White Button-down Shirt
3. Black Turtleneck
4. Embellished Top (in your color wheel)
5. Denim Button-down Shirt
6. Open Cardigan (Cream)
7. Simple Tank
8. Long Sleeved Black Tee
9. Striped Tee
10. Short Sleeved White Tee 
11. Floral/Print Top (In Season Colors)

Bottoms: 12. Blue Denim Skirt
13. Khaki Skirt
14. White Denim Skirt
15. Pencil Skirt (Black/Gray/Neutral)
16. A-Line Skirt (Black/Brown/Gray/Navy/Neutral)
17. Simple Skirt (Small Neutral Print)
18. Maxi Dress (Fun Dress)
19. Classic Black Dress
20. Evening Dress
21. Shirt Dress

Outer Wear:
22. Trench Coat (Neutral)
23. Wool Coat (Black)
24. Blazer (Black/Navy)
25. Leather Jacket (Brown)
26. Tweed Jacket
27. Denim Jacket

Shoes: 28. Everyday Flats (Black/Brown/Neutral)
29. Sneakers (Canvas/Leather)
30. Leather Sandals
31. Colorful Wedges
32. Knee High Boots (Brown/Black)
33. Animal Print Heels
34. Neutral Pumps
35. Black Pumps
36. Rain Boots

Accessories: 37. Carryall Tote/Bag (Black/Brown/Neutral)
38. Leather Handbag (Black/Brown/Neutral)
39. Sun Straw Hat
40. Tortoise Sunglasses
41. Scarf/Shawl (linen/silk/wool)
42. Belt (Brown/Black)
43. Evening Clutch
44. Signature Scent
45. Skinny Belt (leopard/colorful)
46. Shape wear (camisole/leggings)
47. Swimsuit (Black)

Jewelry: 48. Watch (classic two-tone metal/leather band)
49. Pearls (necklace/earrings)
50. Statement Necklace/Earrings


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