Sunday, January 12, 2014

Royal Head-Dress Essentials for Spring 2014

Hashem dresses us with Scarves, Veils, Headbands, and Crowns for our heads!
Lets start with the basic essentials in creating fabulous crowns
for the royal and honorable Queens that we are!
The Pashmina scarves/wraps do wonders in grounding our head-dress.
I absolutely love the vibrancy in color and the texture in these affordable scarves. One of my many favorite sites to shop with a budget in mind is, I know I can definitely shop and keep my budget in tack.

This spring (2014) color scheme is totally gorgeous, I love it, love it love it!
The Sand (taupe) & Paloma (gray) are great foundational colors. These can be mixed in with any color combination to keep you vibrant and giddy or calm and subdued!


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