Monday, January 13, 2014

Cover-ups....aka.... Snoods, Tichels, Scarves, Veils, Headbands, Hats, Caps!

I personally love them all! Depending on the event, place, time, occasion and even the weather determines my style and choice of my cover-up!
One of my all time easy favorites, "to go" covers is dressy caps, if you know me you know this to be absolutely totally true. I am almost certain that people at the local stores refer to me as the "Lady of many Caps" Lol!
I for the most part tuck in all of my hair in the cap and Go, go, go! No mess, no fuss.
In this particular pic, I did not tuck my hair in,
we attended a winter mid-day wedding (dress/casual).
This is my husband, David with me.
with my grand-daughter Neomi

With my daughter, Elianna

 with my daughter Elianna

 and last but not least, my favorite....
my grand-daughter Neomi
sporting a "gam-ma" look
 military style!

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